How to effectively maintain metal laser cutting machine in summer

Issuing time:2022-05-05 16:48

The temperature in summer is very high. Generally, we need to be very careful no matter what equipment we use, because summer is a high incidence area of the accident. Especially when using a laser cutting machine, there are many things to pay attention to, and when maintenance, it is not as simple as you think. So how should you use the laser cutting machine in the summer? Share with you:


In May, most cities in China began to heat up and entered summer. The rise in electricity consumption of residents will inevitably have an impact on industrial electricity. In many areas, the frequency of power outage is gradually increasing. And how to ensure that the laser cutting machine of industrial and mining enterprises can work and maintain normally during the high temperature period of the summer power switch? The following technical departments will answer it:

First of all, the focus is that users buy laser cutting machines to understand the function of CNC systems. Many of the so -called independent research and development systems in the market are incomplete. After more than ten years of market testing, the CNC system produced by our company has continued to upgrade. The performance in all aspects is very excellent, and the design in all aspects comes from the user's interest! Among them, the power protection function is a very practical function in the system. When using our laser cutting machine, the factory encounters a power failure. The laser cutting machine can save the cutting graphic well, and the cutting can be cut directly at the cutting place when it is powered. This effectively saves plate materials and energy, and does not need to repeat cutting, which improves efficiency and reduce costs for enterprise users.


Since the laser cutting machine equipment is mainly used for thin plate cutting and processing, the cutting method mainly uses plasma cutting. In the previous relevant documents, we have some descriptions according to the conditions of various pollution hazards. For the use of laser cutting machines and the perspective of the operator, the use of equipment caused by pollution Details of operation.

1. Laser cutting machine arc light burns

Although the cutting thickness of the desktop CNC cutting machine is not very large, and the relative plasma power supply is mainly small and medium -sized power supply, in actual processing and production, there are still inevitable arc combustion damage. Improper protection can also cause electro -optic eye inflammation. Therefore, corresponding protection measures must be taken according to different operation methods. If you focus on the shading equipment of the oxygen -oxygen plasma, the operator needs to wear a goggles, and the color can be selected according to the vision of each person.

2. Prevent a high -temperature metal or arc burns in normal operation

The skin should not be exposed directly to the arc light to prevent the arc light from burning. In addition, when the air plasma is cut, a high temperature slag or melting metal sputter may be formed within a certain cutting range. These high -temperature substances will not only burn the skin, but also cause burns and other accidents. Therefore, when the fiber laser cutting machine is operated, pay attention to the distance between the operator and the equipment. It is recommended that non -operators do not enter the equipment operation area. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to contact the slit, band or wire in high temperature during operation.

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